Decorative concrete coatings have been a growing industry in the construction field for the last 30 years. The ability to coat existing concrete floors to enhance their aesthetics has become an industry unto itself. Surecrete Decorative Concrete Products have provided a vast array of materials allowing contractors, architects, and home owners to achieve unique and stunning finishes to existing concrete. With lines of product for general repair, complete floor overlay, vertical applications, and concrete counter tops, Surecrete has literally covered the interior and exterior concrete world.

At JT Landscaping and Supply, we stock a majority of the Surecrete product line. Our showroom has shelves of bagged product, sealers, epoxies, and tools to complete projects. We have sample boards of many of the items and have completed our floors and offices using Surecrete so customers can see the finished product in use. Our staff will be happy to guide you and answer questions about your projects to allow you to achieve a fantastic result.
Surface Preparation

Prior to applying an overlay to a concrete floor, it is necessary to do prep work to the existing floor for it to accept the overlay. These products are intended to help with that preparation.

SCR- Super Concrete Renovator is a combination of a strong concrete detergent, degreaser, and etcher for the concrete floor. Used in almost unlimited opportunities, SCR is a widely used product needed to clean and etch the floor prior to the overlays being applied.

Flash Patch- Just as the name implies, if your floor has imperfections or spalling issues, flash patch can be used to quickly set up and save a trip back. This product is rapid setting and self-bonding and is good to from an inch deep to a feather coat.

Deep Patch- This product is for repairs of concrete that are deeper than an inch up to four inches deep. If you have a concrete floor that is pitched incorrectly, or for large crater sized holes that have come up, this product used in conjunction with Surebond gives a great repair solution instead of having to remove and re-pour an entire slab.

Also available to the prep side of the product line are Fast Strip sealer remover, Enviro Strip sealer remover, Glue Remove for mastic, and SCT-22 Crack Treatment.


Surecrete carries a wide variety of sealers for multiple applications. XS-327 and PC-12 sealers are food safe sealers used with countertop mixes. HS-200 and HS-300 are acrylic concrete sealers for optimum concrete protection. DK-400 is a solvent based polyurethane. Its dual component system creates a high gloss high performance finish. DK-400 WB is a water based polyurethane that is available in gloss and matte finish. DK-180 and DK-120 are polyaspartic fast curing sealers. This product is ideal for one day floor coating systems.