Lawn Care and Treatments

We offer season long treatments to keep your lawn strong and healthy while keeping it free of pests and weeds. Our season long care will have you being the envy of the neighborhood.

Our season long plan has five treatments

  • Early Spring Application
    Consists of a slow release pellet to fertilize with rainfalls over the course of 5 weeks. Also our crab grass prevention additive to stop germination of crab grass is included in this as well.
  • Spring
    Consists of a high nitrogen content in granular form, and a blanket spray for broad leaf weeds.
  • Summer Application
    Slow release fertilizer with grub and chinch bug control.
  • Early Fall Application
    Nitrogen pellets and a blanket spray for broad leaf weeds.
  • Winterizer Application
    Promotes root growth and prepares lawn for winter.
Also available are pelletized lime applications to manage the pH level of your soil, and Fungicide treatments to control diseases such as dollar spot, red thread, and snow mold.

If your lawn is distressed and you are not sure why, call the local experts at JT Landscaping to get a free evaluation.


No yard is too big or small; from postage stamp front yards to several acre farms we have the variety of equipment to handle any type of lawn care task.

Large business plazas and townhouse communities run by management companies are challenges we welcome. Our crews are experienced in all lawn types and take care to maintain your lawn the way you like it.

The finished job is a crisp lawn with alternating lines, a detailed trim with a weed trimmer, and cleaned up sidewalks blown clear with our back pack blowers. The grass clippings are disposed of by us.