Landscape Lighting Design

Expand your Evening Living Space

Successfully highlighting your outdoor space with landscape lighting will increase its beauty and the longevity of the use of the space into the night. No matter the scale of the landscape lighting project, this process always involves careful planning to shape your ideal outdoor experience. Before selecting your decorative landscape lighting, it is important to take into account the key architectural and landscape features of your home.

Highlight Your Landscape Features

When chosen carefully, even the most modest landscape design projects can be transformed into something magical. Using a variety of lighting provides a combination of highlights to enhance a space. The use of up lights in trees, path and spot lights in landscape beds, and decorative lanterns over seating areas are some examples of lighting combinations that can bring your outdoor living space to an elevated center of entertainment and pleasure.

Increase Night Time Security

The extra layer of style added by properly placed landscape lighting will add loads of curb appeal while reflecting your personal design taste.

Always keep in mind that visible fixtures, like path lights, should complement the time period the house was built, along with the composition of the landscaping style.

Functional fixtures such as well and spot lights should be concealed in landscape materials or shrubbery. Therefore we choose fixtures that blend in when the fixture is off or during winter months when there is less foliage.