Outdoor Kitchen Design in Pittsburgh

Outdoor living spaces are largely becoming a talking point when meeting with clients at a consultation. What starts as a discussion about a patio soon turns to possibilities of built in grills and free standing structures. A set of stairs becomes the gateway to another level of usable space. All this for good reason. A property is only as usable as its square footage dictates. A home that brings its family together to share dinner, birthdays, graduations, and other events is creating lasting memories. The more space you have to accommodate the guests, the better.

The outdoor living space is rapidly becoming the way to allow your home to become a platform for those gatherings. By bringing areas of shade to the hot summer days, you allow for a more comfortable space during heat waves. In the winter, extending the patio availability by installing radiant heat sources and a fire-pit allows for a significantly longer fall season. Having a grill, sink, and refrigerator localized to the entertaining area saves trips all the way back inside the house. Your family and guests enjoy more together time by having all the amenities of a modern kitchen at your fingertips.

Your project is only limited by the extent of the possibilities that you can dream up. (maybe bullet these) Fireplaces, fire-bowls, torches, lighting, fountains, water features, covered areas, cabinets, cupboards, bar tops, grills, griddles, refrigerators, ice makers, seating, columns, stairways, patios, to list the majority of the options to discuss when creating an outdoor design.