Snow Removal

At the core of our service, is organization. Technology has allowed us to be able to track our fleet with real time Global Positioning Units installed in each vehicle. By tracking and following each vehicle through its route, we are able to use logistics to move vehicles as they finish one route, to aid another. We are also able to pick up new clients during snow events and route our crew to those new customers based on location and availability.

Snow removal is a service that is an absolute necessity to allow your business to function. Your management team, your employees, and your patrons, must be able to move safely from their vehicles to your entryways. Whether you have a restaurant that has busy lunch and dinner rushes, or you operate a warehouse that shipping and delivery flows in and out of your parking lots, JT Landscaping and Supply is the team for the task.

Boasting 25 years of service with half of our clients being loyal to us that entire time, we have the experience to execute parking lot maintenance efficiently. Through all conditions, our team makes sure that all our customers are able to get into their lots and conduct business.

When you want to guarantee that your parking lot and walkways are cleared effectively and in a timely manner, trust JT Landscaping and Supply for your snow removal needs. Contact us to receive a free quote on snow removal for your property.

Snow Removal Done Right

Snow removal seems like it should be a straightforward task. However, when you consider factors such as quality, experience, necessary equipment, manpower, and even salt storage technique, the customer experience can vary dramatically.

Our fleet of plow trucks, skid loaders, pusher boxes, snow blowers, and drivers are prepared at a moment’s notice to go to work. We take pride in clearing parking lots, strip malls, plazas, sidewalks, condominium properties, townhouse properties, HOA private roads, and private driveways.

Our salt supply bin holds 300 tons of salt to use at our discretion. We have multiple resources to purchase salt in bulk throughout the winter season. In the event there is a salt shortage, other contractors run low at the end of the year. We keep our clients’ lots pristine and safe by managing our material efficiently and maintaining excess supply for the job. Our bagged calcium chloride products keep concrete safe as we treat sidewalks with it as a deicing material.

Proper Care When Storing Salt

Properly maintaining a road surface or walkway begins with the quality of salt that we use. We take great care to ensure that our salt is kept in a dry location when stored on our property. This significantly improves its effectiveness because when dry, salt reacts more quickly with ice and snow when it is applied dry.

We protect our salt supply with well-constructed hoop houses to shield it from the elements and ensure peak effectiveness. Our hoop houses provide more protection than simply using a tarp as some snow removal companies do. This is just one more example of our commitment to ensuring that we do the job right the first time.