Surecrete offers many different coloring options to work with its product line and concrete in general.

Trucolor is a dry color pack that is mixed in with the bags of overlay and countertop product lines to color the material all the way through.

Ecostain is a water based product that creates amazing UV stable color to existing concrete or to bagged overlay products. Versatile and safe to the user, it is our most sought after coloring application.

Surestain is a reactive low residue acid stain for coloring concrete.

TruCast is a color hardener that is applied by broadcasting on top of the concrete and troweling in using the bull float.

TruPour is an integral color pigment that is meant to be mixed in to the concrete truck prior to the concrete being spread and finished. Trutique is a stamp release color accent used with stamp overlays or stamped concrete. Eco Accent is a dry powder meant to be mixed with water and spread over stamped concrete to create depth and texture.