Surecrete Epoxy and Metallic Flooring

Epoxy Overlays

Basements, garage floors, slab floors in condos and townhouses, all have to be covered with something. Why not use epoxy coating systems to take them to a whole new level? This product has the ability to create a coating that is durable as well as beautiful.

Colortec 600 WB- A water based pigmented epoxy that has great workability and can handle high traffic areas. Used for DK Flake system and as the base for Metallic floors using DK 500 100% solids epoxy.

DK 500- Solvent based 100% solid build clear epoxy to be mixed with metallic coloring to produce a unique floor. Metallic flooring is an up and coming floor system that has been widely praised for its ease of installation as well as its 3 dimensional look. Stunning color movement and vivid depth perspective make this an impressive look for any commercial or residential job.