Surecrete Overlays

Concrete Overlays

The products listed here are intended to go over existing concrete material that is in sound condition, or has been repaired using some of the prep products available through Surecrete. Each product has its own unique application.

Tru Top Micro Topping– This product provides an ultra-smooth, high strength, thin layer of concrete over an existing concrete structure to allow staining or integral color to be mixed in with the bag. Only requires water to be incorporated in to the mix and does not need a bonding agent.

Suretex Is very similar to Tru Top but has more aggregate in it to allow for a higher build. Used to achieve a knock down trowel finish, hard wood overlay look, or ceramic tile look. Works well with stencil patterns and brick tape pull off patterns.

Surespray Designed to be applied through a hopper gun with compressed air. Surespray is one of the most versatile overlay products available. Boasting a psi of 4278 in 28 days, it is a tremendous product for many applications.

Surestamp– Just as the name implies, Surestamp is used with Surebond to create a stamp able overlay on top of existing concrete. No need to break up the concrete and re do with a stamp pattern. With Surestamp the finished product is applied at 3/8” to ½” using a gauge trowel. Stamps are pressed on after applying either liquid release or powder release to achieve the desired pattern.

Surebroom Many contractors run into issues with concrete having surface problems soon after they are poured. The cost to make a customer happy is so exorbitant it makes it impossible to accomplish. Surebroom provides a solution to concrete that mimics the concrete look originally intended, without having to employ jackhammers and skid steers. This product is intended to go down after any surface repair has been done. The product is applied with a magic trowel, and then broom finished immediately. Its economic benefit is truly incredible. This product is also used to take an old tired concrete pad and bring it back to life.

Vertical Overlays

Wall Spray– This product is meant to be applied using a hopper gun. It is a method to apply overlays over large vertical surfaces quickly and easily. Once applied, a knockdown, stucco finish, or antique finish can be achieved.

Wall Stamp– For vertical applications where the use of carving or thicker overlays are desired, Wall Stamp is the perfect solution. This product can be built out 1/4” to 3” thick and has tremendous working time for carving and stamping.