Garden irrigation system watering lawn in beautiful garden with green grass. Ever drive by a lawn in the dead of summer and see the lush dark blue green turf flourishing in the 90 degree heat? As you pass with envy and look back in your rear view mirror for one last glance, you think, “How is that even possible?”

Well not only is it possible, it’s a phone call away from being a reality. Our irrigation team can install your system using the best product line in the industry.

Rain Bird irrigation systems have been around since 1933. They are the tried and tested components that separate an average irrigation system from a great one. Professionals look to the Rain Bird line for years of rblogo_reverse-pms348worry free watering.

Their Zone Station Control Panels offer multiple functions with programming ease. Rain Bird valves are efficient when they are open, and off when they are off. The rotors and pop up heads are the best in the industry. The ultimate beauty of an irrigation system is the sheer management of water to any portion of your property, without spending a fortune in water.

The luxury of not having to drag a hose to the furthest corner of your sun beaten lawn or landscape will pay dividends on your weekend free time.

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Irrigation Design

The key to a great irrigation system and healthy plants is a well planned irrigation design.

It is necessary to have the foresight to project plant growth years after the irrigation system installation has been completed. Sprinkler heads blocked by a large perennial do little to irrigate the plants behind them. Browned out turf due to under coverage or over-wet soggy patches due to improper overlap can leave you frustrated with the poor results and wasted money.

Countless issues can be circumvented by our professional irrigation design team laying out a thoughtful irrigation head pattern for your project. Our team will:sprinkler_design

  • Choose the proper zone control panel
  • Determine how many heads to use per zone for optimal growth
  • Select the right valves and pipe for accurate and consistent water flow

These are just some of the important design decisions that need to be thoroughly evaluated prior to installing the first line of pipe.

Ensure that your irrigation system is done right the first time. Let JT Landscaping be your partner for the planning, design and installation of your irrigation system.

Irrigation Installation

Irrigation installation is more than digging holes.

Implementing an irrigation design takes knowledge of plumbing, wiring, and trenching. Anyone can do those things. The key to installing a great irrigation system is making it work effectively while being almost Sprinkler Head Installationinvisible when not in action.

A well installed irrigation system has:

  • Little to zero negative impact on existing plants and landscaping
  • Avoids potential damage causing factors such as
    • Excessive traffic
    • Future landscaping or other changes
    • Regular gardening
    • Seasonal changes
  • A well placed control panel for ease of use, yet out of the way

The Irrigation Installation Process

Once you approve our irrigation design, JT Landscaping irrigation installers will get to work. Every effort will be made to avoid imposing upon your day as we install your new irrigation system. While JT Landscaping is on-site you will see:

  • Piping installed using a trencher.Sprinkler Head Installation
  • Each zone box will be installed to house the valves for particular runs.
  • Sprinkler heads will be installed to the proper depth to prevent mower damage.
  • Once all piping, valve boxes, and heads are installed, the compaction of dirt is completed.
  • Mulch is returned to bed areas where trenching occurred.
  • Top soil and seed are installed in the lawn areas that were minimally disturbed.

Typically, in only two weeks after an installation, there are no visible signs that any irrigation work was ever done. Aside from the excellent results, of course.

Your lawn is green and thriving. Your bed plants and flowers will be lush with color.

Irrigation Spring Start-Up
Every system requires regular tune-ups and your irrigation system is no different. A spring start-up service from the irrigation maintenance team at JT Landscaping will get the season started right.

  • Guard against water waste from leaks and damaged heads.
  • Ensure proper coverage due to topology changes and plant growth
  • Catch malfunctioning components before they cause damage

Our irrigation maintenance team will properly start up your system by:

  • Re-installing the RPZ back flow prevention valve
  • Check for leaks
  • Adjust heads to ensure proper coverage
  • Repair any damaged heads, pipes or valves
  • Review and adjust your daily schedule

Avoid headaches and ensure that your irrigation system gives you the results that you expect with a Spring Start-up Appointment from JT Landscaping.

Irrigation Winterization

Prevent broken pipes and costly repairs.

Water in the lines plus freezing temps makes for a bad combination. At the end of the growing season, all irrigation systems need to have the water in the lines expunged to eliminate the chance for broken pipes.

JT Landscaping will protect your investment by preparing your irrigation system for the toughest of winters.

  • Shut off the water supply.
  • Purge each zone independently utilizing our powerful tow behind air compressor, ensuring that all the water in the lines is purged.
  • Remove the RPZ valve
  • Briefly inspect the system for any impending issues

JT Landscaping is dedicated to assisting our customers’ irrigation investment is properly protected during the harsh Pittsburgh winters. Trust the experts at JT Landscaping to properly winterize your irrigation system this year.